Chewy Dark Chocolate Cherry Proteins Granola Pubs with Chia Seeds

Chewy protein-packed granola bars made with almond butter, protein powder, chocolates and cherries! These gluten-free and vegan-friendly pubs are the perfect snack or breakfast time.
Did I tell you that Sundays certainly are a big day for me? Usually I wake up, hit the gym, then head right to the grocery store. From then on I go home and make until my kitchen can be trashed and I cannot possibly filthy another dish. It’s sort of my little ritual.
Needless to say Sundays will also be big because I’m determined to start out the week out on an excellent note. To me, becoming healthy is a big part of this. I your investment extremely delicious carrot wedding cake cupcake I ate the other day after i was pressured and remind myself that week is completely new and full of healthy opportunities.
To encourage healthy taking in, I chop up celery, cucumbers and carrots for nibbling throughout the day, but sometimes I need something a bit more satisfying. So I decided to make ridiculously good granola bars. With protein natural powder to help keep me full.
I’m actually a huge fan of many brands of proteins and/or granola pubs. The chewy ones, the nutty ones, the excess crunchy ones. Heck, just provide me ALL THE BARS.
These are made with oats, puffed millet (or brown rice crisps), and vanilla proteins powder. There’s also a hint of crunchy almond taste through the nut butter. Mmmmm, you understand how I love my nut buttas!
To sweeten the bars, I opted to use a little bit of maple syrup, but honey or agave would also function. The cherries and delicious chocolate add antioxidants and the chia seeds add dietary fiber, omega-3s and an amazing little crunch. CHOMP CHOMP.
To help keep these bars chewy, I suggest using quick oats. If you don’t have quick oats available, it is possible to pulse oats in the blender or food processor chip for 30 secs.
You men won’t believe how filling these bars are either! They will have 8g of proteins and almost 4g of fibers. I love feeding on them for breakfast time when I’m on the run, before a workout, or like a snack.
If you make sure they are (or anything from AK), tag your photos on Instagram #ambitiouskitchen. I love seeing what you guys create!
Prep period:
10 mins
Cook time:
15 mins
Total period:
25 mins
1/3 cup organic chunky or creamy almond butter (or peanut butter)
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/3 cup dried out cherries, chopped
2.5 ounces chocolates bar, coarsely chopped
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1/4 teaspoon coconut oil
Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Line 8×8 in . baking pan with foil or parchment paper and aerosol with nonstick food preparation spray.
In a big dish, combine almond butter, maple syrup and vanilla until steady and well combined. Stir in oats, millet, sodium and protein powder until well-coated, thick, and sticky. Add almond dairy and stir once again. Fold in cherries, 1/4 cup of chopped chocolate, and chia seed products. (You’ll use the remaining chocolates for the drizzle.)
Pour mixture into prepared pan and use a spatula to evenly spread. Next you need to use your hand to press the combination down VERY strongly. This will make sure that the bars stick collectively well. Bake for 15-18 moments. Cool on cable rack for 10 minutes.
To make chocolate drizzle: melt chocolate and coconut essential oil in a little saucepan over suprisingly low high temperature. Stir until clean. Drizzle the chocolates over the bars, then refrigerate for thirty minutes so that delicious chocolate can harden. Cut into 10 bars. You can also maintain them at room temperature or independently wrap & freeze. Enjoy!
If you want to lessen the calorie consumption and/or glucose, you then have several options: You can use PB2 and glucose free maple syrup. I’ve in fact tried it in this manner and they come out fairly darn tasty! If you are using sugars free of charge maple syrup, each club only has around 5g of sugars.
Feel absolve to use your preferred nut butter in place of the almond butter.
Rather than pure maple syrup, you should use sugar totally free maple syrup, honey, or agave. Please note that honey isn’t vegan.
If you do not have access to puffed millet, then free free to substitute brown grain crisps, puffed rice, regular rice krispies, quinoa, as well as chex. I found my puffed millet in the cereal section at Entire Foods.
If you are trying to make these vegan or gluten free, make sure that all your ingredients fall into your respective eating guidelines. For example, make sure the dark chocolate is vegan.
You can sub any dried fruit you would like. Also feel free to include a handful of cut nuts, coconut, or more chocolate!
We have been both on a single side. ðŸ‚
I just may be building these tonight!
Question: Does such handful of coconut oil have any impact on the final bars? I have some and will place it in, but simply wondering in general what the purpose of that little bit of oil is.
Hi Monique
If i dont have proteins powder can I simply keep it out? Can I substitute for something? Flaxseed maybe?
I’m trying to learn about healthy baking and substitutions…
I’m savoring ur recipes!

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