I hopped within a flight at 4am Thursday night morning hours to Denver for a gathering, still left that evening to travel to Kansas Town so I could speak at ChoppedCon , then finally flew house Friday afternoon. Hence why I missed my weekend favorites. But here we are, slightly delayed.

Anyway, Most of you most likely know that we moved into our first home just over a week ago. (It has been a CRAZY week.) Prior to the move we produced an effort to eliminate most of our home furniture; it helped tremendously. But now I’m tasked with filling our new place with all the current things! They are difficult decisions but our objective is to work through one room at the same time.
First we’ll be beginning on our bedroom, which I’m ridiculously excited about. I anticipate obtaining my dresser from my friends over at MegMade Plus I finally found a Persian rug on Etsy I really like and can’t wait around showing it off! Who knew redecorating was so much work (yet SO much fun!).
My favorite spot to shop for exclusive home goods are various markets or boutiques around the town. Last week I ended up finding a classic mid century modern desk on the uptown vintage market and dropped in love, but again require a rug for underneath the desk! Where are your preferred places to look for furniture?
Several things I’ve gotten up to now for our bedroom:
What’s taking place this week:
I’m heading to the Stitch Fix head office (OMG!) on Tuesday! It will likely be amazing and I’m excited to meet up some bloggers outside of the food globe. As you probably know, I’ve been using StitchFix for years and think it’s great because I don’t possess lots of time to purchasing. I’ve found an extremely great stylist I’ve caused since the beginning who basically gets what I love and don’t.
After Stitch Repair, Sarah and We are reaching up for just a little girl time together in Detroit. So excited to observe her.
I may have overbooked myself recent weeks, but that’s okay – everything’s likely to be thus much fun.
Lastly, let’s get to the best links from the past week!
cauliflower wings with a unique twist!!! OMG.
That’s all I’ve got for you. I’ll be back tomorrow having a delish 30 minute pasta pigs feet recipe slow cooker – see you then!
Hi been following you for some time & need to mention always enjoy your small stories & formulas some I can’t often follow tho lol ( I’m a Brit ) Totally caring seeing your new house & all your programs for love your American homes & style especially at this time of year with all the beautiful colors of fall or Autumn as we call it!
BTW just curious as to who’s the beautiful purr-son” on your mantle fireplace don’t believe we have been introduced lol =^..^=